The MBA Tweet

September 22, 2009

The HBS Admissions Blog has an RSS feed. And that sounds so outdated. Forgive me, but I’m a recent Twitter convert who thinks that anything that preceded Twitter is obsolete, or at least, ought to be. My primary use of my Twitter account is not to rant about my GMAT preparations – it was the primary objective, but has since changed. Rather, it is to gather updates from several blogs, forums and alumni without having to go to each individual website. There are statistics floating around in the net-o-sphere on the ways people are putting Twitter to use; and access to news & information forms a pretty large chunk of what the people use Twitter for. I remember reading a nice article here showing that people are increasingly using Twitter as a “personal news-wire.” So, I’m not the only one who does it.

I’m, however, still not overtly fond of the way Twitter is as of now. I think the home page does not, in its present design, have the requisite space to take in a large amount of feeds, which creates a problem since I often cannot see all the updates without having to click on ‘more’. Imagine those who are following over a thousand. What a pile-up!

However as my numbers stand today (following approx 14), it is much less of an issue. Beat The GMAT, GMAT Club, Clear Admit, Stacy Blackman,, Grockit, Knewton, MBA Channel and a few HBS alumni provide me with a steady stream of updates on life in the GMAT and MBA Application arenas, and life, in general, at HBS. No more bookmarking individual sites. No more missing out on an important update/information.

I would love to see the HBS AdCom get itself a Twitter account as well, and shout its updates from there. I definitely do not want to have to open the page in the office (too risky) everyday to look for an update. There aren’t many in a week anyways, so most of the time, my efforts to finding an update is fruitless. Hope they are listening.