Yes, Inspired.

June 6, 2009

I’ve arrived at a certain conclusion — leadership, at all levels, is not just about leading. It’s about inspiring. It’s about doing that what will cause someone to be inspired and in turn attempt another ‘doing’ which will, hopefully, inspire another … and the circle shall continue. This blog is a result of this inevitable circle.

I am a corporate lawyer, formerly a journalist, and hopefully in the future, an MBA candidate at my chosen school. I’m not so much keeping a record of my days leading up to GMAT, the application process and the results as I am trying to broadcast the lessons learned in the process. My Twitter Feed is possibly a better gauge of my experience than this blog will be.

While I shall keep posting as often as I possibly can, regularity can not be guaranteed. At the same time pecking on a keyboard is difficult, especially during the MBA Application Process, when one has his fingers crossed. So condone the delays.

And this concludes the first post.