The Summer Months

August 18, 2009

Before I’m too tired to even look at the flickering screen, I’d like to point out that HBS, by my reckoning, is a desolate little island these days. It has been so for the past few months; ever since the kids went away for their summer internships. The dorms must be empty, the classrooms empty, Spangler empty, Aldrich empty. I know one who’s in DC. I know it because she updates her blog weekly. This is also the time when one batch of HBS Grads has almost edged themselves out, and the next batch hasn’t quite moved in.

And that creates a problem for me.

Suddenly, all the juicy stuff leaking out of HBS has coagulated. Of all the blogs I follow, rarely has any been updated with any news of HBS. [Aside: Of course, there isn’t much news when the school is out.] And even the Harbus, the official mouth-piece of HBS, has been oddly silent. I can see the same group photograph, and the same write-ups still garnishing the front page that have been there since May 2009. Thankfully I have the archives to read. Correction: “had”. I’ve devoured them too by now.

So what’s the problem?

If you’re applying to a business school, you need to know everything, as in EVERYTHING, about the school before-hand — the culture, the happenings, the events, the schedule, the drunken parties, who is sleeping with whom, etc. In my case, I already have more than the requisite stash of information. I’m gathering the extras. I’m living the experience even before I’ve taken the GMAT. That might make me want to kill myself if I don’t eventually make it in, but on the other hand, also makes my decision more informed and my application more…to use an oft-repeated counsellor word “compelling.”

But now, it appears that the summer break is almost over, and the start of the new EC and the RC batches is close, very close. And I’m waiting, eagerly, to see what’s up.