Jack in My Head

February 2, 2010

***Please have a laugh ***

“A jumping Jack in my head
Tossing merrily about
Thinking where the cards will fall
To let me in or leave me out.

Lo behold it’s February
Black Coffee in my hand
Six cups down my throat already
Thinking where the cards will land.

They say it shall trickle
Throughout till April’s on
Shall we take that cue and hold
Jack till our fate’s undone?

Tell me friends what chances we have
To fight the superstars on their list?
We are but the little people
With the few shining stars in out midst.

I know this verse is crappy
But this was the best I could compose
The respite shall, or shall not arrive
Via Ms Leopold’s eloquent prose.

Till then we tie Jack to a stake
Cut the caffeine in our drink
And lay the jumping beans to rest
While we wait for the mighty guillotine.”